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Q. How do I share feedback on the community website?

A. A discussion thread in our forum application, the ‘Ideas Exchange’ will be open to our community for their feedback.

Q: Who uses the site?

A: Teach First employees, ambassadors, participants and incoming participants, mentors and tutors can access the site.

Q: How do I provide feedback on the site’s functionality or report bugs?

A: Feedback and bug reporting will be carried out in an Ideas Exchange discussion thread. This will allow the community to see the improvements requested and our responses/actions in real time.

Q: Will schools and Regional Training Providers (RTP) have access to the site?

A: Partner schools and regional training providers will be phased in gradually in consultation with school/RTP relationship owners and relationship managers.

The Content

Q: Who can create content?

A: All users of the site can create content. Watch a video for help here.

Q: What content can I create?

A: Users can create several different types of content. Ambassadors and participants can create; Blogs, Market Place advertisements and Discussion Threads in the Ideas Exchange. Teach First employees can create News Articles and Events in addition to these.

Q: Is there content approval?

A: Only news articles require approval before going live on the site.

Q: Who moderates comments?

A: If you deem any comments to be inappropriate you can select the ‘Flag’ option to send a notification to Teach First to draw attention to the comment.

Q: Can I use videos and images in my content?

A: Yes. Media can be attached to the content as a single or series of media items. Any media you upload will be saved in the media library within the site. New article images are best created at W370px x H240px or landscape rather than portrait.

Q: When I create items/content are they public or private?

A: All users of the Community Website will be able to view your content.

Q: Can I share content with external social media sites?

A: Share options are available for; Facebook, and Google+.

Q: Can I change the design of page content?

A: No. The site has been designed to be consistent with the Teach First brand guidelines and provide a quality user experience.

Q: Can I edit my content after I have published it?

A: Yes. You can edit the content you have created from either your user dashboard, or when logged in and viewing the item.

Q: Can I see a history of all the content I have published?

A: Yes. Via your user dashboard.

Q: Do I have to have my real name as the content author?

A: Yes

Q. Is copyright an issue?

A: A user must have the necessary permissions to share content on the site and will agree to a disclaimer stating this.

Q: Are there any restrictions about content I can upload/comments I make?

A: Yes. Rules of Engagement have been created for the online community.

The Applications

Applications provide users with the means to interact with the site and one another.


Q: Who can create Events?

A: Only Teach First employees can create events.

Q: How can I search, filter and sort events?

A: You can search by keyword(s) on an events name, location and description. Filter by; event type, region, participant year. Sort by; upcoming, bookmarked, discussed and popular.

Q: Can I easily identify what events are recommended for me?

A: Recommended events will be developed as part of the new User Experience project.

Q: Can I easily identify types of events?

A: Yes. Events are colour coded based on their event type.

Q: Can I sort events by distance from my current location?

A: Not currently but this function may be developed as part of the new User Experience project.

Q: Will the website track what events users attend?

A: Users are able to track their own attendance in their personal profile.

Q: How do I create events?

A: Click here to view the event creation guide.

News and Blogs

Q: Will blogs be public?

A: Blogs are viewable by all users.

Q: How do I write a blog?

A: There is no right or wrong way to write a blog. As long as your topic is vision-aligned, you are free to share your thoughts via this tool.


Q: What is the Marketplace?

A: The Marketplace is an application where logged in users can post advertisements.

Q: Who can post an advertisement on the Marketplace?

A: : All users of the Community Website.

Q: Who can view the Marketplace?

A: All users of the Community Website.

Q: Do advertisements need to be vision aligned?

A: Yes. i.e. discounts for a local restaurant cannot be advertised as a benefit to our community, however, discounts for a CPD conference can be (in any sector – to reflect our Leaders in All Fields focus).

Q: How can I search advertisements?

A: Similar to Events, advertisements are colour coded and provide a selection of filters in line with categories.

Q: How long can an advertisement stay in the Marketplace?

A: A maximum of 90 days. You can re-upload content following this date; however the Marketplace should reflect current content and change regularly.

Q: What is the Library?

A: An application to store and retrieve information pieces, resources and materials to help our community.

Q: Who can access the Library?

A: All users of the Community Website.

Q: How can I find what I am looking for in the Library?

A: Similarly to Events and the Marketplace, all materials and publications are categorised and depending on the selected category, additional filters can be applied. You can also search by Keyword(s).

Q: How will quality assurance be applied in the Library?

A: Users will be able to recommend items in the Library and comment on them. This will allow the community to decide quality and value.

Q: Can I share teaching resources in the Library?

A: Yes, the community can share resources

Q. What's the difference between library text/media and library document?

A: If you select library document, the front cover of your library item will be displayed within the library. This is ideal for publications and branded powerpoints. If the item you wish to share is in a word document, you are advised to select 'library text/media' and either copy and paste the content, or attach it as media.
Ideas Exchange

Q: What is the Ideas Exchange?

A: A discussion forum where users can create/participate in topical discussions with the entire community.

Q: What topical discussions can I start on the Ideas Exchange?

A: Discussions must be vision-aligned.

Q: How do I create an Ideas Exchange topic?

A: In the same way as you create other items on the site, by selecting ‘Create Content’ > ‘Ideas Exchange Topic’.

Directory & User Profile

Q: What is the Directory?

A: The directory provides users with the ability to search for other community members who have an account on the site. 

Q: How can I search for other members?

A: You can search for a user(s) by; name, location, job title, industry of work, cohort year, university, place of employment and interests.

Q: Can I opt out of the directory?

A: Yes. All users can opt out from the directory. You can do this by accessing your account settings and making your profile private.

Q: Can I hide certain information in my profile?

A: Yes. When editing your profile, all fields are clearly marked to whether they’re public or private. Private information is only shared with Teach First.

Working Groups

Q: What are working groups?

A: A private environment where a group of users can discuss, poll & share resources that are hidden from users who are not a member of the group.

Q: Can I run a working group?

A: Any user can run a working group. To enquire about creating a new one, email with details about the purpose of your proposed group.

Q: Are groups open for anyone to join or invitation only?

A: Groups can be public or private. All users of the Community Website can access public groups. Users wishing to join a private group must be invited by the group’s owner.

Q: How do I access the groups I am a member of?

A: Groups you are a member of are clearly displayed on your user profile.


What are the rules of engagement on the site?

The Teach First website is founded on the principles outlined below. The information given is to help guide you in your online engagement when commenting, uploading content and connecting with members of the community:


We know that to achieve the Teach First vision we must work together to drive change at pupil, school and system level. Content shared on this site must reflect resources, opportunities, stories and information that are vision aligned.
Our vision is that no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background.


All users will have their name attributed to content that they upload and comments that they share. Anonymity is not available as the purpose of this site is to connect users with one another, information and opportunities.


We trust our community members to engage with the site in a way that adheres to the Teach First values of excellence, commitment, integrity, collaboration, and leadership. Users who breach these values will be contacted by a Teach First employee in the first instance. Continuous disregard for these values may lead to further action.


Moderation on this site is limited. This is because it is your website. It is your responsibility to alert the Teach First community moderators to content that is inappropriate. We will respond to such notifications in a timely and appropriate manner.


All content and opinions must be shared in good faith. When content is shared from an external source, please ensure you attribute the original author. You are required to agree to a disclaimer when using the site.

If you have any further questions about the Community Website, please contact

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