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Role Description: 

What will I be doing?

Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are 2.5 times less likely to gain access to university than those from high-income families. Join Team Up's growing movement and help us change this.

As a participant on our Leadership programme, you will provide high-impact tuition to young people from low-income backgrounds, helping to tackle educational inequality in London. Equipped with full training and detailed resources, you will tutor a small group of pupils who are currently underperforming and provide them with the academic support, encouragement and inspiration they need to get back on track.

Deliver weekly 60 - 90 minute tuition sessions in a local school.

Use the resources provided to prepare inspiring lessons.

Drive results by submitting and reflecting on performance data.


What impact will this have?

Meaningfully increase your pupils' academic grades: pupils on our 2016/17 programme showed, on average, 50% more improvement than the national average in English and Maths

Improve your pupils' self-esteem: 87% of pupils agreed that they felt more confident in the subject in which they received tuition

75% of our tutors felt the programme made a difference to the young people they work with: “Thank you for creating such amazing opportunities for both students and tutors. [As a Team Up tutor] your hard work really makes a difference and it’s such a rewarding experience”


We are looking for volunteers who can commit for at least ten weeks, once a week.


What else do I need to know?

By joining this programme, you will join a growing and active community of people helping to create a fairer education system for young people in the UK and have the opportunity to develop your skills, enhance your employability and expand your professional networks: 

- Receive an SSAT accredited leadership qualification upon successful completion of the programme 
- Be invited to attend leadership seminars and networking events hosted by our partners 
- Have the opportunity to gain a mentor from a career sector of interest, whether you’re looking to excel in your current profession or considering a career change 
- Develop leadership, teaching and communication skills and be able to demonstrate these competencies to employers with real-life examples


Reasonable travel expenses can be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

Background checks

A DBS check is required



Full tutor-training, and the provision of detailed lesson plans and resources

Ongoing coaching, training and support from an experienced teacher who will be assigned to support you over the course of the programme

Lesson observations alongside personalised developmental feedback and logged classroom hours. A personalised reference from your programme manager can also be requested upon completion

Desired skills & experience: 

We are looking for: 

- Enthusiasm and strong grades (or relevant experience) in the subject you wish to tutor in 
- Passionate individuals who are keen to support a growing movement to help tackle educational equality 
- Committed to attend all sessions 
- Excellent organisation, punctuality and time management skill


What skills will be useful?




Organisation Description: 

We are a social venture charity who run a voluntary leadership programme. Our programme trains exceptional role models to tutor children from low income backgrounds, in order to help them reach their academic potential.

Team Up
12 July 2019
31 July 2022
115 Coventry Road
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United Kingdom

Complete the 10 minute application form online here: https://teamup.org.uk/how-it-works/role-models/apply-now

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