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Role Description: 

The Charity

RefugeeEd is a charity which works to ensure that children and adults fleeing violence have access to a good education. We support grassroots organisations which work with refugee populations in Greece, providing them with teacher training, education mentoring, and teaching resources.


As a small charity, we are entirely volunteer-run, and we are looking for new Schools Ambassadors to join our energetic and dynamic team.

  • To enable us to expand and recruit double the number of mentors over the coming year, and reach thousands more children and adults, we need help with the following aims:
  • To raise crucial funds to enable us to keep our field coordinator in Greece so that we can reach more projects, support our mentors better and evaluate and improve the programme.
  • To recruit more experienced teachers who can go out and volunteer as education mentors to help grassroots projects develop their education programmes, and train teachers, to help us ensure that children and adults reaching Europe have the skills they need to build a new life.


The role:

To support us to meet the above aims, the role will involve:

  • Using your networks of teachers, schools, unions and/or foundations and trusts, to let people know about the opportunity of volunteering as an education mentor in Greece.
  • This may involve: organising and delivering a 5 minute presentation during INSETs at local schools, local union rep meetings, other schools network meetings or teacher training institutions; giving out flyers to teachers; posting on social media; contacting other teachers you know to tell them about the opportunity.
  • Organising at least 1 fundraiser in your local school or community. This could be a simple bake-sale, non-uniform day, or sponsored event. You can organise it yourself, or use our teaching resources to teach about the refugee crisis, and support your students to organise a fundraiser themselves.
  • The role will involve a commitment of 4-8 hours per month for at least 6 months. You can spread these hours out however you like.


Benefits of the role

  • Make a tangible difference to the impact of a small charity, enabling us to improve the education of thousands of refugee children.
  • We have very low overheads, so you can be sure that what you raise goes straight to where it's needed. Raising just £300 in one event will be enough to support our field coordinator to stay in Greece for a full month!
  • We are small, dynamic and friendly team. Join us in London if you can for our jolly volunteer socials.
  • There are opportunities to get more involved if you are interested. This can be through working with our Education Networks Trustee, to develop our teacher outreach strategy and developing training programmes and teaching resources; or through volunteering in our social media, web design or fundraising teams.
Desired skills & experience: 
  • This role will suit a teacher, or someone who works/has worked in the schools system, and has a network of schools and teachers that they can reach out to.
  • Determination and self-motivation. You will make your own plan for who to target and how to get the message out, and organise a fundraiser - the more creative the better!
  • Strong communication skills. You will be doing presentations at schools and events, and promoting our work to diverse audiences.
Organisation Description: 

RefugeeEd works to ensure that children and adults fleeing violence have access to a good education.

  • Today in Greece, there are 60,000 people stuck in camps and unstable accommodation.
  • ​57% of children are not in formal schooling.
  • Adults are in need of language skills to help them build a new life.

Dedicated volunteers are doing what they can to help. But they lack resources and educational expertise.

​At refugeeEd, we pair experienced teachers with local organisations who need training and mentoring.

 - We prepare and support our teachers before, during and after their trips.

 - We work to ensure that everyone can access a good education.


We have partnered 15 mentors with organisations since we were founded last year, reaching approximately 3,000 students. Help us expand so that we can partner double this over the next year, to reach thousands more children and adults!

30 July 2019
31 July 2020
Remote position
United Kingdom

If you are passionate about improving the quality of education for refugees and want to be involved in growing a fresh new charity, we would love to hear from you. 

To apply, please send a copy of your CV and a short covering letter explaining why you want to get involved, to

If you would like more information, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter or facebook.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this role further, please email refugeeEd founder and TF ambassador, Helen Brannigan, at


Other roles:

If you are interested in supporting us and would like to take on responsibility for setting the direction of our schools outreach programme, you may be interested in applying to be our Education Networks Trustee.

Or, you may be interested in volunteering in Greece as an Education Mentor!

If you'd like to help from home with social media, comms, fundraising or web design instead, we are always on the lookout for more volunteers.

Email for more info!

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