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Role Description: 

This is an exciting opportunity to make a positive impact on the displaced children of Northern France. Project Play is currently the only organization offering these children with a safe space to learn, laugh and grow. We are looking for a driven, experienced and compassionate education specialist to join our team. With the help of our team, they would develop and deliver a bespoke curriculum looking at language (English) and psychosocial skills to support these children in their development. The individual would also continue to develop and promote our school partnership scheme which aims to educate children in the UK about displacement and diversity. 

Project Play is a new volunteer run charity. The charity was founded in 2018 in response to the complete lack of provision for the 200+ children living in the region. It runs play and education sessions 6 days a week targeting key developmental skills alongside promoting resilience and collaboration and strengthening children's sense of self worth and identity. 

Please note this is an unpaid position but accommodation, transport (in Calais) and some food is provided. This position does not have a specific start date and we are always looking for volunteers to join our team so get in touch even if you are not available for some time.

Desired skills & experience: 
  • Teaching experience (in a Primary or Secondary context) 
  • Being flexible, motivated and passionate about brining education to displaced children 
  • Able to make a 2+ month commitment to support the children we work with 
  • A DBS/ the option to obtain a DBS and ability to adhere to our safeguarding policy and procedure 
Organisation Description: 

Project Play works with displaced children in Northern France. We are a group of volunteer teachers and playworkers who believe in the power of play. We provide children with safe spaces to play, learn and be themselves.Our team of dedicated volunteers currently reaches over 120 children and deliver six play sessions each week.

Promoting resilience, self-worth and a strong identity is at the core of our mission. Our sessions target core developmental skills for children aged 0-18 using a combination of group games, sports, music, creative tasks and formal learning. The children are given a chance to grow their understanding of who they are, what they enjoy and what they can bring to the world. We target skills that are age specific, bearing in mind that many of these children have large gaps in their development. For this reason, we tailor our activities to the individual needs of each child, in order to find the most effective outlet for them.

We work alongside our partners Refugee Women’s Centre to provide holistic care for families and offer parents some much needed respite.

Project Play
15 May 2019
31 May 2020
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