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Role Description: 

Aspirations Development Lead

National student development programme that goes beyond the grades.

About East

East Learning is a community interest company whose purpose is to ensure every child in the UK gets the opportunities and the support structures needed to find their passion, recognise their strengths, and fulfil their ambitions - regardless of their circumstances.

Through our Aspirations programme and accompanying software, we help schools provide personalised, more meaningful extra-curricular, pastoral and careers support to their students at both individual and cohort level:

Individuals: We provide the tools and the student information needed for teachers to have meaningful 1-1 interactions with their students – focusing precious time where it can be most impactful. Through the platform staff can elevate any potential issues to Heads of Year, DSLs or other pastoral staff, and highlight any students not engaging in their own development so that appropriate further actions can be taken

Cohorts: We collect data on students’ self-reported capabilities, targeted improvements, ambitions and characteristics - used to plan tailored support programmes at class, year and whole school-level. As we continue to track to students’ needs and interests, we can see how effective those efforts have been - helping drive improvements year-on-year.

In addition to the web-based app, we provide tailored on-site support to the schools, as well as training materials and teaching resources. The support package schools receive depends entirely on their needs and capabilities, based on some combination of:

  • Operational assessments
  • Analytics and strategy support, turning data into year plans
  • Target setting workshops
  • ‘Teach-the-teacher’ sessions for programme leads
  • Practice sharing workshops
  • Help designing and introducing any governance or cultural changes.

The role

Following a successful 6-school pilot this year, next academic year we are expecting to roll out our programme to over 50 schools across the UK - requiring a team of excellent change managers and educationalists, passionate about changing the way schools approach development and giving tens of thousands of young people the opportunities and support they deserve.


We need help:

  1. Embedding the Aspirations programme in our partner schools, equipping the school staff with the skills and tools they need to provide the best developmental experiences to their students that they can
  2. Developing and collating supporting materials for schools, including those from partner organisations focused on particular areas of development
  3. Ensuring that we are making the greatest impact possible across a particular network - be that a MAT or a region - by enlisting the support and buy in from communities and partners
  4. Continuing to develop the programme structure and approach, helping ensure that we continue to have a high impact as we continue to grow and scale


Key deliverables and outcomes


  • All schools are set up and running the programme effectively, with clear goals and targets and an understanding of how to get there
  • All schools have clear data and insights into how well different aspects of their support programmes are running, as well as clear plans for making further improvements
  • You have a good understanding of what’s available in your region(s), and use this to help schools access the right resources in the right way for them
  • You are sharing what’s working across a community that really values your support
  • ...and most importantly, all schools can point to a clear positive impact the programme is having on both staff and students


Timing, location and growth opportunities


We are looking to hire two team members in the short term: one ready to kick-off schools in September (working primarily in the North of England), and a second in January 2020 (working primarily across the Midlands and South of England). Our headquarters, and the location for fortnightly whole-team meetups, is in London. As we expand and our network becomes more dense, we expect to continue splitting the workload into smaller geographic areas - helping minimise travel requirements.


As the team grows there will be opportunities to step into more senior roles - working directly with MATs and Local Authorities to manage the programme across their networks, and coordinating the efforts of the wider East team.


Desired skills & experience: 

Who you are


You have experience in some combination of:

  • Designing and overseeing large-scale change programmes
  • Education and teaching
  • Behavioural / child development 
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Social impact analysis and evaluation 


You are:

  • Genuinely passionate about child development, and excited to play a role in improving it
  • A strategic, logical thinker and a creative problem solver, able to interpret data and draw conclusions to act in a prioritised manner
  • Thoughtful and empathetic, always striving to understand other people’s perspectives and challenges  
  • A great storyteller, adept at sharing ideas and bringing others on board to achieve a common goal
  • Able to explain complex topics simply, effectively, and without jargon
  • Outcomes-focused
  • Prepared to do the right thing even if it’s difficult, acting with compassion at all times



As well as a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of establishing an alternative way of defining and measuring education, we are able to offer:


  • Competitive salary (£30,000 - £50,000 depending on experience) and matched pension plan
  • 25 days holiday
  • Option to work from home as appropriate (we are based in London, although you will only need to be there for an average of two days every fortnight with most work happening at the schools)
  • Dedicated self-development time each week to further yourself and the cause!


We are able to offer part-time positions, including 3- or 4- day equivalents where the majority of time off is taken during school holidays. 


Organisation Description: 

East Learning is a community interest company whose purpose is to ensure every child in the UK gets the opportunities and the support structures needed to find their passion, recognise their strengths, and fulfil their ambitions - regardless of their circumstances. We do this through a combination of an online platform (for scale) and onsite change management support (to make it happen!).

East Learning CIC
30 July 2019
08 July 2021
54 Higher Lane
United Kingdom
Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Permanent, Temporary
Flexible - travel required and should have Full UK drivers licence and permit to work (we cannot sponsor visas at this stage)
Based on Experience - lower end is delivery lead requiring active management, upper bound is signifiant experience and likely to step up to Director level

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to us at