Tutoring Opportunities during Half Term and Holidays

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Role Description: 

Libra Tutors is currently looking for enterprising teachers and tutors to work with students on their half term and holiday courses. These are academic courses supporting students with their academic development and research projects across a wide of range subjects. They are delivered either face to face in London or online.

Tutors work on a student by student basis so you’ll never have to commit to times, locations and days that your teaching won’t allow. Pay is typically between £25 and £50 per hour.


Desired skills & experience: 

-An academic background in the subject you tutor.

-Experience working in schools.

Organisation Description: 

Libra Tutors is an educational consultancy working with UK and international students to support them with their studies. Libra Tutors believes in helping students to work independently but to ask for help when needed.

Libra Tutors
02 August 2018
31 December 2021
Flat B, The Old Design Studio, Mirabel Rd
United Kingdom
Part Time, Contract, Temporary
Morning sessions of 3.5 hours
Between £25 - £50 per hour, based on experience

If you interested please email admin@libratutors.com for more information or sign up at https://libratutors.com/work-for-us and one of the team will be in touch. Please state your suitability and availability during the half term, including times and days.

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